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Attracting and Creating Healthy Relationships

Genuineness is the first step in attracting your ideal mate

Forward Life - Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Attracting the right one...

In regards to attracting an ideal mate it is important to first be very honest with ourselves, and know who we are, and what we really want (not what our friends, family or co-workers want for us).  If we are attracting the wrong type of person then we are not being genuine, as we attract what we put out there.  This workshop will help you find out your relationship style, how you are in relationships, what is really important to you in a mate, and how to shift your energy to attracting what you want rather than don't want.  

If you are planning to come to my workshop in the mean time this is a safe and positive tool to use and put out there for attracting the right person:

"Please send me a (man/woman) who is a true equal in (his/her) desire to grow, learn, and evolve spiritually- someone who is honest, generous, playful, and spirited, with similar interests to share the journey.  I want a person who desires me as much as I desire (him/her)."

Workshop info:

Attract Your Ideal Mate

Date: Monday, October 15, 2012

Time: 6:30PM-9PM

Location: Forward Life OC  22642 Lambert St. #403, Lake Forest, CA. 92630

Fee: $25

To register please go directly to http://attractideallove.eventbrite.com

This workshop is taught by:

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist

For questions please call Mahastee at 818.632.4565


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